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Short-Term Exchange

The Short Term Exchange program allows students to immerse themselves in another culture for roughly three weeks, often during the summer, followed by hosting their new sibling here in CNY. This exchange is sponsored by local Rotary Clubs.

In this direct exchange program, two families are paired. A student will live with one family in their host country for approximately three to four weeks. The host sibling will then travel back with their new sibling and stay with their new family for three to four weeks.

As with our year-long exchange program, STEP students learn new cultures and customs, along with strengthening their language skills.

As this entire program is a time of learning and providing hospitality, students cannot have jobs or other obligations that would interfere.

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STEP students:

  • Are between the ages of 15-18.5 at start of exchange
  • Have an interest in foreign language and culture
  • Are active in school and community
  • Students live with a family for 3-4 weeks in one country, then travel together to live for 3-4 weeks in the other country
  • Must purchase district Medical and Liability Insurance to cover costs outside the US
  • Must have a passport prior to application

The STEP program:

  • Lasts 6 to 8 weeks typically during the summer
  • Interviews candidates (student and family) through the Local Rotary Club Youth
  • Exchange Officer

STEP Families and Students

  • Fill out an application
  • Participate in training and orientations
  • Participate in a background check (provided by Rotary, for all household members age 18+)
  • Arrange, with their partner family, their own airline transportation
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