We aim to make a valuable, positive contribution to goodwill, peace and understanding among nations and people.
Please note: Long-Term Exchange Student Application Deadline is 10/31/2023

Become an Exchange Student

Welcome to the experience of your life! This is just the start to developing life-long leadership skills, learning a new language and culture, building lasting friendships with young people and families from around the world, and becoming a global citizen. If you live in the CNY District and are considering Rotary Youth Exchange, check our resources on this site and get in contact with us to get you started in this journey.

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Become a Summer Exchange Student

Short-term exchanges are a total of 6 weeks during the summer and are structured homestays that take place when school is not in session.

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Become a Host Family

Host families are the heart and soul of the Rotary Youth Exchange Program. By hosting a student for 3 to 5 months, you can introduce your family to another culture without ever having to leave home. A variety of family structures make for perfect host families. Small families, large families, working families, retired families: All reflect real-world families to our inbound students.

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Become a Volunteer

Volunteering in Rotary Youth Exchange is a rewarding opportunity to work with the future. Every exchange student that is helped by you is a very real leader of a better, more peaceful society. Students learn understanding and create peace as they learn another language and culture and become aware of the greater world. Serve the youth of today by helping them build. Positions include everything from driving a student to an event to serving on a club’s youth exchange committee

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