Parent's FAQ

What are you looking for when you select students?

  •   Character - The ability to positively represent the US and Central NY abroad. The capacity to follow rules and use tools provided through orientations.
  •   Flexibility - The ability to adapt and assimilate into other cultures that will have different standards of living, lifestyles, traditions and social rules. The willingness to step out of native cultures, biases and routines. The willingness to try new experiences.
  •   Commitment - The willingness to prepare for more than just success; to prepare to distinguish him/herself as one of the best in the host countries they are in . The willingness to live up to expectations by the youth exchange program.
  •   Personality - The willingness and ability to build meaningful relationship and to communicate positively. The ability to find positive resolutions to conflicts.
  •   Poise & Maturity - The ability to handle stressful situations and maintain composure. The willingness to compromise in the interest of mutual understanding but also the strength to stand firm when necessary.

What happens after we receive a placement acceptance letter?

  •  You and your son/daughter must sign an acceptance contract
  •  The Application is processed and sent abroad for the Host Districts acceptance
  •  Language preparation and host country cultural studies begin
  •  Three orientations are scheduled
  •  Language and Public Speaking
  •  Travel, Insurance, Finances, etc.
  •  Culture & Keys to Success weekend workshop
  •  Departure the following summer

What are some of the Keys to Success that my son/daughter need to remember?

  •  preparation is extremely important
  •  Living the experience as an “Exchangee”
  •  giving and getting, rather than just “taking”
  •  Keeping the mentality of an “explorer” rather than a “reporter”
  •  Disconnecting from “Home” and connecting with the exchange environment
  •  Being “vested” in the host community
  •  Faithfully keeping a journal
  •  Having a healthy curiosity about the host culture, language and area
  •  Enjoying the process of being an exchange student rather than focusing on “What's in it for me?”
  •  Having realistic expectations for the exchange.Working through problems with the available resources and processes

Is financial help available?

  •  Your son/daughter may apply for a Clarke T. and Ruth Case Scholarship and/or the District 7150 Scholarship award. Details are on the dropdown bar "About Us" at the top.