Parental Visits

Restrict visits

Parents, Family, & Friends

  •  Intended visits to your son or daughter and his/her host country by you, other relatives, and especially your student's peers during the exchange year must be given careful and cautious consideration. Untimely visits and visits by friends can create problems and disruptions for host families, and may re-surface “separation” problems your student successfully solved in the beginning of the exchange year.
  •  Visits can also interfere with school attendance, or disrupt your student's host family holiday plans when school is in recess. To avoid these problems, we include in the Program Rules and Conditions of Exchange that were agreed-to by both the exchange students and their parents, restrictions on visits -- specifically during the first three quarters of the exchange year and during major holidays.
  •  On the other hand, we encourage parents to visit during the final quarter of the exchange year. By that time, your son/daughter will be fluent in the language, knowledgeable of the host country and its culture, and will serve as an excellent guide and translator. We specifically ask that you and your student discuss all intended visits from family or friends with their host family, counselor and Host Rotary Club before plans are finalized.
  •  Violation of these policies have and will result in early termination of the exchange.