Outbound Exchange Students - School Year

Our Outbound calendar begins with the start of the High School year in September.

Recruitment, Application, Selection, Training, Your Year and Return Home:

  •  Sept year 1 - Rotary Clubs begin recruiting students in their communities and schools
  •  Oct year 1 - Applications are submitted to Rotary Clubs, local interviews are held, selected students are prepared for District interviews
  •  Oct year 1 - Applications are forwarded to District Outbound Chair for processing, students are told when their interviews are scheduled
  •  Nov year 1 - Interviews are held, students are selected for placement and contracts signed. Applications are sent abroad for placement.
  •  Jan year 2 - First of three Orientation with concentration on Communications
  •  Mar year 2 - Second Orientation with review of Rules and Information for Parents
  •  Apr - Jun year 2 - Partners abroad return placement acceptances
  •  Jun year 2 - Third Orientation with emphasis on Understanding and Accepting Another Culture
  •  Jun/Jul year 2 - Final arrangements completed and flight tickets issued
  •  Jul/Aug year 2 - Students depart for destination country and begin their exchange year
  •  Aug year 2 to Jun./Aug year 3 - Students study, learn and immerse themselves in another culture
  •  June/July year 3: students return to the USA from their year abroad and must attend a "re-orientation" program.
  •  Jul/Aug year 3 - Students attend the annual "Welcome Home" Dinner on the first Wednesday in August. Students present a short speech on their experience and are invited to join other former exchange students in ROTEX.