Our Exchanges

Outbound Students / School Exchange

What To Expect:

  •  You will be treated as the son or daughter of your host parents
  •  You may be hosted by up to three host families
  •  Rotary advisor/counselor in your host city
  •  Attend a high school in your host city
  •  Participate in Rotary activities of your host Rotary Club
  •  Learn a new language and become part of a new culture
  •  Develop lifelong friends worldwide
  •  Personal growth and maturity
  •  Experiences that will be remembered for your lifetime

Youth Exchange Insurance

Every Inbound & Outbound student hosted or sponsored by Rotary District 7150 will be insured.

Your Outbound Responsibilities:

  •  Adapt to host family
  •  Learn our language and learn our culture
  •  Attend & Perform well in school
  •  Communicate
  •  Represent your country and Rotary International
  •  Participate in Rotary, school, and community activities
  •  Return home within 2 weeks of the end of school year, or within 1 week after your Tour is completed
  •  Accept the Rotary Program Rules & Guidance

Rotary Program Rules & Guidance :

  •  No Driving, Drinking and Drugs
  •  No Smoking
  •  School attendance and participation required
  •  Choose friends carefully
  •  Volunteer in your Community
  •  No paying jobs - Work as babysitter, around Host Family's house is encouraged
  •  Allow visits from home only at end of exchange year
  •  Limit phone calls, e-mails, Cell phones, Internet.