Host Family FAQ

What should I expect of my Exchange Student?

  •  Adapt to host family
  •  Learn our language and learn our culture
  •   Perform well in school - they must attend
  •   Communicate (do not withdraw)
  •   Represent country and Rotary
  •  Participate in Rotary, school, and community activities
  •   Return home within 2 weeks of end of school, or 1 week after USA Tour
  •  Accept Program Rules & Guidance
  •  No Driving, Drinking and Drugs
  •   No Smoking
  •   School attendance and participation required
  •   Choose friends carefully
  •   Do some Community Volunteering
  •  Can not get a paying job - Work as babysitter, around house encouraged
  •  Visits from home only at end of exchange year
  •  Limit phone calls, e-mails, Cell phones, Internet. Here to learn culture

What about medical care and insurance?

  •  All Inbound students are Insured
  •   CISI/Bolduc policy unless waived
  •  Review info under the "Student Insurance" button in left sidebar
  •  You should receive an Emergency medical release from the Host Rotary Club before the student arrives
  •   In the event of illness/accident stabilize student first
  •  Call Rotary Contact as soon as possible
  •   Use Family doctors
  •  Check with club they may know of Rotarian Physicians & Dentists
  •   Notifying student's family - check with District Country Contact first
  •  Let Rotary do the contacting once details are known

Can my student travel while staying with me?

  •   Yes, with Host Family, other travel requires Rotary approval
  •  This is a Cultural & Educational Program - NOT a Travel program
  •  Written Approval from Parents Required
  •  Students not allowed to make own travel plans - must be pre-approved by Rotary
  •  Unauthorized Travel will result in student being returned home

What about school - getting registered, attendance requirements, etc.?

  •  Educational program - student visa requires attendance
  •  Visit school with Rotary Counselor shortly after arrival to set class schedule - must be taking a full academic course load
  •  Second Language English Proficiency (SLEP) test administered shortly after students arrive
  •  May need tutoring - Host club arrange - Student & their family pays
  •  NO Driver Education allowed
  •  Encourage participation : Sports, Music, Drama, etc., and Interact
  •  Families should help with Homework

Dietary Issues

  •  May be religious based or other - ask
  •  Many variations - discuss with the student
  •   Try to accommodate but student ultimately responsible for good nutrition

The Exchange Cycle

  •  Exchange students have varying mood swings - recognize them
  •  Refer to back cover of Host Family handbook provided to you.

Get Connected

  •  Establish contact with student's parents
  •  Send them newsy letters/e-mails about their son/daughter

What can I expect from Rotary?

  •  Select qualified host families
  •  Provide a counselor & monthly allowance
  •  Help with school arrangements
  •  Be an advocate for the student
  •   Counselor/YEO "supervise" student
  •  Communicate & Support host families & schools
  •  Help with transportation for "special events"
  •  Student's Rotary Counselor should:
  •  Maintain contact once/month (min.)
  •   Assure student attends Club meetings once/month (min.)
  •   Encourage involvement by Club members
  •  Help with school issues during year
  •  Arrange transition to each new host family
  •  Maintain student's Emergency funds
  •  Available 24/7/365 for support