Host Families

First Host Family

  •  Expect excitement - everything is new
  •  Deal with their and your culture shock
  •  There may be major adaptations
  •  Read and discuss the Culture-gram with them
  •  Help them deal with language struggles
  •  Oversee school arrangements
  •  Read and react to school progress reports
  •  First families are often the closest bonds
  •  You set the standards for the year
  •  Don't be hesitant to say "No"

Second Host Family - In Addition to the First Host Family

  •  Transition issues may arise - address them early
  •  Establish new family practices & rules
  •  Language and culture begin to "click"

Last Host Family - In Addition to the Above

  •  Establish new family practices & rules
  •  Comfortable with language and culture
  •  Big events: prom, graduation, departure events
  •  Help them decide about going on the end of exchange "Tour of the USA"

Last Host Family - Remember

  •  Leaving for home will be hard for the student and the host families
  •  Help them to pack and check on return plans and tickets
  •  Help prepare them for reverse culture shock
  •  The more successful the exchange, the harder the leaving and re-entry
  •  Maintain contact after they leave
  •  You WILL probably see them again

Required Activities for Inbounds

Inbound Orientation - Mandatory

  •  September weekend
  •  Transportation by host Rotary Club

District Conference - Mandatory

  •  April - May weekend
  •  Transportation by Host Club

Trip to New York City - Optional

  •  November or December, depending upon weather and availability

Club Sponsored Weekends - Optional

  •  Winter weekend, mid-late November
  •  Spring weekend, mid April
  •  Summer weekend, early June

Tour of USA - 30 Days in Late June-July - Optional

  •  8,000+ miles across USA & return
  •  Chaperoned & stay in hotels
  •  Pick-up & return in Syracuse
  •  Est. cost $3,000.00
  •  Visit major national parks & cities
  •  Depart for home on or before Aug 10

Host Family Responsibilities


  •  Be parents: Give love, support, encouragement, understanding, and discipline
  •  Treat student like your own child - assign chores & set house rules
  •  Clearly communicate your family expectations to your student
  •  Provide room and board
  •  Help them with challenges
  •  Help them with language
  •  School (homework, activities)
  •  Culture shock (try to understand theirs & help them adjust to ours)
  •  Homesickness (keep them busy)
  •  Provide an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on, a hand to depend on
  •  Provide a home away from home

Arriving & Settling In

  •  Welcoming your student
  •  Notify us of any flight changes
  •  YE Committee member will check in at airport
  •  Assist with lost baggage reports
  •  Let their parents know they arrived
  •  Go over "first night" questions
  •  Introduce them to family & friends
  •  Encourage their involvement
  •  Do not let them retreat to their room
  •  Involve them in family activities

Host Family & Student Expenses

Host Family

  •  Host families are expected to support day to day routine expenses
  •  Room and board
  •  Laundry detergent, toothpaste, soap, etc.
  •  Regular family activities: movies, out to eat, family trips, etc.
  •  Extra-ordinary expenses
  •  Clothing and postage are student's responsibility
  •  Telephone: long distance costs are student's responsibility
  •  Family vacations: discuss expenses, establish cost share long before departure


  •  Comes with an emergency fund for true emergencies - medical, etc.
  •  Families should help set up student bank account
  •  SSN not required in NYS
  •  Most students have a credit/debit card
  •  Telephone bills: family must set rules; Students should reimburse
  •  Students in D7150 receive a monthly stipend from Rotary of $75.00 minimum
  •  Families should help students to be accountable

Host Family Rotary Support Network

You will receive a list of Club & District committee representatives to contact. We are here to support you and help assure a meaningful exchange for both you and your new son/daughter. You will have direct contact with:

Club Level

  •  Student's Counselor
  •  Youth Exchange Officer
  •  Club President

District Level

  •  Country Contact
  •  In-Bound Vice-Chair
  •  Chairperson
  •  Student Protection Officer

Contact Information

  •  You can contact your District level support Rotarians at any time. Click the "CONTACT US" icon to see information about all District Level YE Rotarians. Click "email me" under one of the the Rotarians. An email will go directly to that individual with your message.
  •  At Club level, contact the your local community Rotary Club. If a YE Officer or YE Counselor from your club has been assigned, contact them directly.
  •  You may contact anyone on the contact list you are provided at any time. We are available to support you 24/7 every day of the year.

Inbound Host Family Resources

The following resources are for potential Host Families.