Former YE student visits Fulton Rotary Club

Daniel & Nanna 2018

by Judy Young

Fulton Rotary Club had a former Youth Exchange student as a guest recently. Daniel Beyer Christensen was an exchange from Denmark in 2007-2008 and this is his 3rd visit back. He is shown with Youth Exchange Counselor Judy Young and Fulton’s current student from Denmark, Nanna Fischer.

Daniel spoke to the club about what he learned as an Exchange student. First he said it was the importance of getting involved. He realized during his time in Fulton how important it is to be involved. Through involvement you can make a difference and also make friends.

Secondly he became more independent and built up his self-development. The year gave him a lot of confidence and showed him that as a person you can do a lot and make a difference.

Thirdly he talked of Connections and Friends. He said he made a lot of good connections and friends during his year in Fulton. He has stayed in touch with some of them and has come back several times to visit. He has also stayed in touch with Rotary and has become a member of Roteract.