Youth Exchange Program is Certified by Rotary International

The mission of CSIET shall be to:

  •  Establish standards for international educational travel abroad by American high school aged youth and by foreign youth traveling to the United States;
  •  Monitor compliance with those standards by educational travel and exchange programs on behalf of schools, students, educational groups and the exchange community in the United States;
  •  Provide and manage a process by which international educational travel and exchange programs can be reviewed and evaluated as to their compliance with the standards;
  •  Annually publish an CSIET Advisory List of International Educational Travel and Exchange Programs to disseminate findings and decisions relative to compliance with the standards in a manner which will constructively serve the exchange programs, exchange students and their families, and the schools;
  •  Promote the value and facilitate the development of international educational travel and exchange experiences for young people.

The Standards are:

  •  Educational Perspective
  •  Organizational Profile
  •  Financial Responsibility
  •  Promotion
  •  Student Selection & Orientation
  •  Student Placement
  •  Operations
  •  Student Insurance
  •  Adherence to Government Regulations